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Santamaria Trasteos operates nationwide offering you the best service.


Mudanza Nacional Básica

We deal with the individual packing of furniture and appliances in protective cotton blankets, such as the disassembly and assembly of beds; we load them in the vehicle and take them to the new location, unload all the furniture and place it in the indicated location.

* The customer performs the preliminary work of preparing and delivering conveniently packed mattresses, upholstered furniture in light colors, uninstalled appliances, kitchenware, books, clothes, as well as fragile or small items in cardboard boxes.

Mudanza Nacional Con Empaque Esencial

We take care of the specialized packing of the household goods with cotton and Pellex protective blankets for those furniture or appliances that are particularly delicate in your move, in addition to the disassembly and assembly of beds, as well as the loading and unloading of the vehicle; we place all the tools in the indicated place and unpack those that were packed by our personnel.

* The customer packs kitchenware, books, toys, clothes and other small items in cardboard boxes.

Mudanza Nacional Premium

We'll take care of all the junk! This ensures that you have a stress-free moving experience.

We take care of the preliminary work of preparing for the move, specialized packing with protective materials for your furniture and appliances, organizing and packing the kitchenware, such as books, clothes, toys, ornamental or fragile items.

Later in the year We loaded everything into the moving truck, We transport to the new location, unload, unpack and put everything in place.

Servicio de acarreo en la ciudad

We transport goods door to door o enseres que necesites trasladar en la ciudad.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes professional packing of the items, loading onto the truck and unloading at the destination location.

Intermunicipal hauling service

If you need transporting large or heavy cargo to any city in Colombia. we offer you our specialized door to door service. We have moving trucks suitable for transporting delicate objects so that they arrive in perfect condition at their destination.

Arriendo Minibodegas

Your best option for safe storage of household goods, furniture, merchandise or moving is usually our rental of storage units.

Our servicio de bodegas se adecúa a tus necesidades, ya que pagas de acuerdo a la cantidad de días y metros cúbicos que ocupe tu trasteo. Además, cuentas con la calma de saber que todo está catalogado, guardado de manera segura y observado las 24 horas en bodega

Truck Transportation In Colombia

If you've ever wondered: ¿De qué forma mandar un carro a otra ciudad?, o ¿Cómo traer una motocicleta de otra ciudad? We have the solution, our vehicle transfer service.

We transport your car or truck in our specially adapted trucks to make sure you receive it in the destination city in perfect paint and mechanical conditions.

The benefits of sending your vehicle in a van truck The paint will not be affected by paint scratches or bumps on the bodywork, which usually occur when send a car on a babysitter or low bed.

Furniture Crane Moving Service

No matter how complex it is to move furniture and appliances in your home, apartment or office, our expert movers have the solution to make it a stress-free process.

Los trasteos en que se debe bajar o subir los muebles con grúa por un balcón son nuestra especialidad, ya que contamos con la experiencia para realizar este proceso sin que se vean perjudicados tus muebles, la fachada o el balcón. Elige nuestro servicio de mudanza y vas a contar con la grúa para muebles pesados que hemos utilizado exitosamente en casas y edificios de pisos donde operamos nuestro servicio de trasteo y residen muchos de nuestros clientes satisfechos.


Servicio de mudanza internacional

Wear your trasteo familiar to the United States, Europe, Australia or Asia. We make this a stress-free process, so that you will have each and every memory of Colombia in your new home no matter where in the world you live now.

Hire the international moving service in which we take care of everything for you: furniture and appliances packing, packing of small items such as clothes and glassware; transportation to the country and city of destination. There are many benefits of having the help of a professional and experienced moving team.

Vehicle Transportation From United States To Colombia

If you found your dream bike or car in the USA and you've been wondering How to send a car from the United States to Colombia? We have the solution to bring your vehicle without inconveniences.

Our international vehicle transportation service takes care of everything for you, you will be accompanied by our advisors to guide you through all the legal, tax and customs procedures, so that you can enjoy your car or motorcycle in the Colombian city of your choice.

Hire Professional Movers And Avoid Headaches


35 años de experiencia en mudanzas.

Flota de automóviles propios.

Personal capacitado.

Servicio garantizado.

Responsabilidad y cumplimiento en cada servicio.

Empresa con certificación de calidad ISO:9001:2015.

Somos una empresa de Mudanzas en Armenia, Pereira, Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Bucaramanga, Cartagena y Barranquilla.

With a proper planning and some useful tips, tu mudanza puede ser mucho más fácil y menos estresante. Here is some important information to ensure that the moving process is successful.


Our national moving service is according to your needs, that's why, we do not charge you for renting a vehicle but according to the amount of things you need to transport and the distance of the trip.This way it is more economical for you.

To guarantee a good moving experience for our customers, we go beyond just renting a truck for moving, we provide support throughout the entire moving process: packing, loading, transporting and unloading. This is how we achieve the best results. 

Sending a bed, mattress or any other large piece of furniture is very easy with our moving service, because we take care of the disassembly and packing of the furniture so that it travels safely and arrives in perfect condition.

Shipping your appliances is a delicate matter, to avoid damage in transit or mishandling your best option is to contract with our professional moving team that takes care of packing and loading your electronic equipment for safe travels and arrive perfect. 

Every fretting is different and presents different challenges, thereforeWe offer you the support of our commercial advisors who will give you a precise quotation according to the size and quantity of things that make up your well as the travel distance. 

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